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The ultimate quest for the Meaning of Work. Introduction

What is the Meaning of Work? I guess many of us have been raising this question over time. I have just recently celebrated my 20th anniversary of working, yet the true meaning of work can be sometimes difficult to grasp.

For sure, Work is a foundational element in the lives of every individual. For many, it is the defining element of one’s life. In Work, we see the connector between individual passions and ambitions, personal realisation, economic prosperity and sometimes higher aspirations.

Yet we also connect the concept of Work to exploitation, fatigue, demotivation, poverty and fight for survival. The search for better working conditions is probably the single most crucial push for Human Migrations in the last century.

What is Work?

Work is also the main connecting point between Individuals and Organisations, which is why the concept of Work itself is attracting my interest in recent time. I have already written a few months ago a long article about the necessity to Reinvent Work as a concept, and I have concentrated there on a few facts that today, affect the perception of Work and its Value.

Flows of Meaning and the Intentional Organisation

Since that post, however, I have continued my investigation around the concept of the Intentional Organisation. I am more and more convinced that real advancement in organisation design and performance can only come from the realisation of the Flows of Meaning of Work and Meaning of Value that each organisation triggers, in most cases unconsciously.

Sergio Caredda author with The Digital Transformation People
Sergio Caredda author with The Digital Transformation People

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