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Unique Excellence is focussed on implementing Operational Innovative solutions.

In 2015, Micha Veen founded Unique Excellence with a mission to Educate, Validate and Innovate multinational organisations to introduce targeted, customer-centric Operational Innovation to deliver measurable return on your investment, increased revenue and profitability, while introducing continuous reducing operational cost.

Delivering the RIGHT quality Operational Innovative solutions across your Supply Chain, Transport, Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing, Manufacturing operations, Procurement, Finance & Accounting and other back-office functions has been a challenge for many executives. Instead of hiring project managers or operational day-to-day managers, we have found that COO’s, Heads of Supply Chain and other Operational executives require hybrid specialists.

At Unique Excellence, we are this operational hybrid between an innovation leader and operational executive. Our goal is to deliver best-in-class innovative solutions through cross-functional collaboration with (your) self-organising teams and stakeholders. We introduce sustainable operational innovation with risk-controlled, targeted innovative solutions with short and adaptive implementation cycles that deliver higher returns on multi-million investments.

We specialise across Food & Beverage, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Health & Wellness, Chemicals and Oil & Gas, in which we have been using our Agile Innovation method to successfully implement Operational Innovative solutions to deliver true benefits. We have been told on many occasions that we directly fit into your organisation(s), ensuring minimal transition to deliver operational and financial benefits…



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