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Philip Dwyer is a highly experienced leader in digital transformation with a diverse and extensive background. As the Group Chief Digital Officer and Board Advisor, he has a proven track record in driving digital, data, technology, and operating model transformation.

His expertise lies in the visualization, application, and scaling of evolving digital, data, and technology innovation, providing governance and oversight in the design and implementation of new business and operating models, and customer-centric omnichannel experiences.Dwyer is currently involved in defining, developing, and implementing Digital and Data Transformation strategies for an Abu Dhabi based Sovereign Wealth Fund, with a portfolio of over 100 operating companies.

His focus sectors include Mobility & Logistics, and Food & Beverages. He has also served as a Member of the Board of Advisors at Continuous Ventures, an Irish/US Venture Capital accelerator with a particular focus on AI, Fintech, and Envirotech.In his previous roles, Dwyer has led digital transformation efforts at prominent organizations such as Brown Thomas Arnotts and PCH International. At Brown Thomas Arnotts, he was the Digital Director (Chief Digital Officer), responsible for providing luxury retail experiences for millions of customers worldwide.

At PCH International, he served as the Group Chief Digital Officer, overseeing next-generation end-to-end product design, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution, retail, and eCommerce platforms serving global markets.Dwyer’s experience also includes founding and leading multiple-award-winning Euro-Chinese digital agency group and serving as the Founder & CEO of Simplcty, a Fintech/SaaS consumer financial management platform.His expertise can help customers in various areas, including digital transformation strategy, customer experience strategy, adopting a data-led consumer-centric group proposition, and leveraging big data for business success

.With his background and accomplishments, Philip Dwyer is well-equipped to assist organizations in overcoming the challenges associated with digital transformation and to drive innovation in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

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