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About Alan Thorpe – 3 Valued Things

3 Valued Things is a B2B go-to-market strategy and marketing consultancy that specializes in assisting data, technology, and consultancy businesses in achieving their goals. Led by experienced professional Alan Thorpe, the company focuses on enabling ambitious organizations to win the work they desire. They provide strategic guidance and support to clients, helping them identify flaws in their digital presence and tactical activities, and then illuminating a growth path through the delivery of a strategic blueprint.

The company’s services have yielded tangible results for its clients, such as doubling client numbers in 8 months leading to a trade sale to PMY Group. Through their Go-to-Market strategies, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approaches, and content strategies, clients have successfully attracted high-value clients and achieved double-digit annual growth. 3 Valued Things is praised for its ability to keep businesses fresh in prospects’ minds without overwhelming their experts’ time, thus ensuring continued visibility and relevance in the market.

Overall, 3 Valued Things stands out as a consultancy that not only identifies areas for improvement but also provides actionable strategies that drive growth and success for ambitious B2B organizations in the data, technology, and consultancy sectors.


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