The Data Centric Executive: Online Course

Become a data centric leader and future proof your business.


This course has been created and delivered by data-centricity evangelist and thought leader Ruben Sardaryan. Ruben has crafted this approach whilst leading the data and analytics function for a large financial institution and now advising global clients on their data strategy through his consulting  business Infocratic.

This course is prepared for:

  • Digital Leaders
  • Business Owners & Founders
  • Executives
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Leaders who want to turn their organization into an information power-house


What you’ll learn:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of data-centricity
  • Be equipped to future-proof your organization
  • Learn the differences between data-centric and non-data-centric organizations
  • Build confidence in developing a comprehensive digital strategy
  • Understand the economics of data, information and technology
  • Acquire insight into how state-of-the-art data-centric organizations are run
  • Access a wealth of resources and data-centric community
  • Ignite a data-centric fire in your heart!

Why it’s important:

  • Technology changes rapidly, but quality integrated data endures as a core asset. Data-centricity future-proofs the business.
  • Most organizations become app-centric due to historical inertia, vendor lock-in, internal politics, developer mindsets and ease of replicating data.
  • Data-centricity is critical to leverage data as a core asset, reduce complexity, increase agility, and future-proof the business as technology evolves.

Complete this course and you’ll get: 

  • An in depth knowledge of data centricity and how to apply it
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • One hour of Free Consulting Session with the course creator himself Ruben Sardaryan


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