News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #24

News in Digital from The Digital Transformation People #24

So it’s that time again and we’d like to say thank you and a Merry Christmas to all of our contributors and readers of ‘News In Digital’. The Digital Transformation People as a platform has had an amazing year with increasing engagement and interest from people and organisations all over the world. We thank you for your continued support and urge you to watch this space as we launch new products and services to help you to upskill and connect to the talent we’ll all need for successful digital transformation in 2019 and beyond.


31 Tech Predictions for 2019
By Christina DesMarais
Well, it wouldn’t be a Christmas edition without a few predictions for the New Year. Which of these have you seen coming and how will they affect your business?


Niall McKeown offers a stark warning that digitisation itself is not digital transformation and those that delude themselves that it is “are at as much risk of disruption as those that have no plans to transform at all.”


Business Pundits Love to Say These 4 Things – None of Them Are True
By Greg Satell
“Anytime someone tells you there is a simple fix to a complex problem, you’re probably being sold a fairy tale” ~ Greg Satell

Paper Scissors Rock
By Marty Neumeier
A look at the cycles of competition from Author and Director of Transformation Marty Neumeier who asks which stage is your company at?

The backdrop of digital transformation and its consequences
By Paul Hobcraft
Here are some of the key challenges you can expect with digital transformation, researched by Paul Hobcraft and presented to help you form a clearer view of the journey ahead.


Are IT organizations headed for irrelevance?
By Philippe Abdoulaye
…No, but changing today’s IT paradigm is urgent. A discussion around the relevance of IT today and how to “spend more time delivering new apps and value and less time customizing legacy.”

The 4 pillars of a lasting cybersecurity transformation
By JC Gaillard 
What are the key factors in driving successful transformation around cybersecurity? Here with some answers is JC Gaillard of Corix Partners who says that “throwing money at the problem is rarely the answer”.

Servant Leadership 101: The 4 V’s to Create a Strong Foundation
By Stephanie Ockerman 
“Servant-leaders must create a strong foundation that helps people feel empowered to take action, enables them to move forward in a common direction despite uncertainty, and to feel inspired and resourceful during challenging times. The 4 V’s can help you establish this strong foundation: Vision, Values, Value, Validation.”

Why Experiment
By Kevin Gray
As we seek to understand our customers and experiment with our product offerings it’s well to draw upon the expertise of market researchers to help us understand more accurately what’s going on.

Agile MVP – M stands for Minimum
By Nick Malik
“The modern era of “get it done fast on the internet” seems to favour agile development. To wit: nearly every internet startup I’ve seen in the past ten years cares about DevOps and Scrum and Continuous Integration… all the right words. But without managing delivery expectations, we haven’t solved the main problem.”



Change the system, change the culture
By Lee Bryant
“The challenge of transforming large, complex organisations that have grown up around calcified hierarchies and process management structures is a hard one but we have to face up to and challenge the core system that sustains the old and holds back change.”

The Amazon Example: How Tech is Driving Urban Job Concentration
By David Hunt
“Dense urban centres are best positioned to foster the exchange of ideas and technology to produce greater innovation and growth.” Why is this and what are the consequences?

By Corporate Rebels
“A study at the Rotterdam School of Management found that projects led by junior managers had a higher success rate than those led by more senior ones. Why?”


Linkedin Do’s and Don’ts
By Melonie Dodaro
“With all social networks, there’s a right way and wrong way to use them for business. Understanding appropriate LinkedIn etiquette and best practices will make you more successful using the platform and less fearful of making a mistake.”

If you want to do well in 2019, watch this
By Neil Patel
Digital marketing is going to change soon.
What used to work is slowly starting not to work.
So if you want to do well in 2019, watch this!

For 1 Day, Every Time an Employee Did a Good Job, I Told Their Boss. It Didn’t Go Like I Thought
By Jeff Haden
Companies say they want feedback. But most don’t. Many make it really hard. And that’s a shame, especially since engagement – and job satisfaction – is based on knowing that you, as an employee, matter. So why not make it as easy as possible for employees to know that they do?


5G: The Key to Secure IoT and Industry 4.0
By Ronald van Loon
Working with Ericsson on their 5G project, Ronald Van Loon brings a sneak preview of how the 5G system can assist IoT and Industrial 4.0 to become more secure and more beneficial in the future.

Fetch.AI – Energy Use Case Enzen_Global Warwick Business School
By utilising the collective super intelligence of Fetch.AI’s network, we can optimise the energy sector for both providers and consumers. Huge savings will be uncovered as the industry becomes more flexible and efficient using Fetch.AI’s technology. Watch here:

The Genomics Revolution Is Now Moving At Full Steam
By Greg Satell
“Not since the early days of the digital revolution have we seen a technology accelerate with such velocity”


How the leading tech companies find and attract top talent
By Michelle Derungs
Ever wondered how tech giants compete in the war for top tech talent?

Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset
Catherine de la Poer, an expert in emotional intelligence EQ and founder of Halcyon brings us this excellent video from John Spencer with an impassioned plea to HR colleagues who may find that imposter syndrome is stopping them leading innovation.

Does your tech start-up have a talent blind spot?
By Hilton Barbour
Does your start-up have a talent blind spot? Fantastic chatting with John Reid at Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance to discuss how Culture & Capacity are often the missing ingredients as entrepreneurs build their start-ups.


11 must-have competencies for leaders in the digital age
By Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD, shares an interesting leadership competency framework to define the competencies required by the leaders in the digital age.

Rebooting analytics leadership: Time to move beyond the math
By Brian McCarthy, Chris McShea, and Marcus Roth
“Fascinating analysis on the evolution of the Chief Analytics Officer role from McKinsey and how the dominant persona of the ‘Catalyst’ has now emerged” Thanks to David Green for this one.

Public speaking is a dynamic and valuable skill, once you put your fears aside.
By Jeff Grout
Being a good public speaker can only enhance your career as a leader so here are the key building blocks you’ll need to be effective.

“If you think of the average age of most board members around the world – and, frankly, of their backgrounds as well – they are not digitally ready.”

James Bilefield | Senior Advisor to McKinsey


10 common myths about enterprise agility
Agility is a hot topic, but you have to separate fact from fiction. In this post from McKinsey, they dispel 10 common myths about enterprise agility.

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