What is Bayesian Statistics?

What is Bayesian Statistics?

By Kevin Gray

Important notes: Below is a small, non-technical excerpt from the Stata 15 Bayesian Analysis Reference Manual.…

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Quant Essentials: Multivariate Analysis

By Kevin Gray

In RW Connect’s new Quant Essentials series, we discuss critical methodological skills in simple, jargon-free language. The…

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How Not To Lie With Statistics

By Kevin Gray

"What is truth?" and "What is a lie?" are questions that have drawn the attention of philosophers, theologians, legal…

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Demystifying Data Science

By Kevin Gray

Marketing scientist Kevin Gray asks Dr. Randy Bartlett of Blue Sigma Analytics what Data Science…

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Some Questions I’m Frequently Asked

By Kevin Gray

Many of my contacts are former colleagues or current business partners but some are not. Following…

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Why Statistical Consulting is Hard

By Kevin Gray

At least two things in life are certain: death and uncertainty. Taxes can be avoided…

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What is Statistics?

By Kevin Gray

The field of statistics is finally getting some long-overdue attention. I used to joke that…

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What is Marketing Research?

By Kevin Gray

When I began my marketing research career in the 1980s, I never would have imagined…

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Statistics Is Easy?

By Kevin Gray

With today’s software, statistics is easy, right? Wrong. Even before the start of Data Mania, circa…