Sergio Caredda - Building the Intentional Organisation

Building the Intentional Organisation

Building the Intentional Organisation is the realisation that we need an entirely new approach to the way we intend organisations and their design. It is the acknowledgement that past paradigms are not sufficient to adapt to new realities.

The traditional model of Organisation, based on Hierarchy, Bureaucracy, Top-Down Control, Waterfall Cascading of Objectives and an opposing Employer-Employee relationship, is merely crumbling in the face of an environment that is every day more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

The only possible answer is to rethink the way we look at organisations and their ecosystems, with a specific focus at the connection point between humans and the Organisation. It is at this connection point, where Work happens that we need to take the courage to reinvent its specific meaning, moving away from concepts such as Jobs, Roles and Employment.

Already today, successful organisations are those able to balance Intentionality and EmergenceConsistency and Contradiction carefully.
They can create a unique blend of characters that becomes their DNA for Success.

This is not easy, because we need to forget the models, the benchmarks, the blueprints, the off-the-shelf ready to use solution that some advertise, and most theories items we learnt at business school. We need to take the courage to lead a profound reinvention of the way people interact in creating shared values for themselves, for their communities and society.

Sergio Caredda - Building the Intentional Organisation

We thought that the future was all about technology. We were wrong.It’s all about becoming more HumanIntentional Organisation


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