The Artificial Intelligence Transformation Factory

This factory is comprised of various functions from several departments of the company, with the goal of creating a v-team to ensure that AI is viewed as a transformation catalyst for everything the company does.

The factory has five primary roles:

1/ Estimate the value that AI can bring to various departments of the company. The work will be done by various teams, and the digital team will coordinate and orchestrate between the different entities.

2/ Be responsible for a process I call “Core/Non-Core” to ensure that core intellectual property is not accidentally transferred to technology companies. Every AI project will need to go through a committee to ensure that while taking advantage of AI, the company’s intellectual property is not put at risk.

3/ Manage the portfolio of AI projects and allocate resources appropriately. This will enable the C-Suite to review the portfolio and redirect investments if necessary. The factory will also learn how to scale in certain areas.

4/ Create AI Centers of Excellence (such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, etc.) that can be leveraged across different domains in the company.

5/ Use this factory to pilot tomorrow’s key technologies for the entire company.

Lastly, the factory should be responsible for the adoption of AI across all functions within the company. As the biggest challenge for companies is transforming the way people work, a strong focus on adoption will be critical for both employees and delivering expected results.

As you know, digital transformation is 95% about people and 5% about technology (even more so with AI).

Please let me know if you would like me to elaborate on any of the roles in particular.


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