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BSE Building, 18th Floor Dalal Street, Mumbai, 400001, India
+91 98 20 199965
  • Employees: 10
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2014

About Zone Startups

Zone Startups is a new, India-based incubator for entrepreneurs to fast-track their startups and connect with mentors, customers and investors.

Mission :

Company Overview :
ZoneStartups India is the India-based startup accelerator program of Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone.

DMZ (Digital Media Zone) is one of Canada’s largest startup incubators, seed fund and co-working space for young entrepreneurs focussing on the mobile, Internet and digital media space. DMZ has been recently ranked in the global top-25 startup accelerator programs.

ZSI is a joint venture between Ryerson University (Toronto) and Bombay Stock Exchange Institute (BSE). We believe that, by having a presence in Toronto, and now in Mumbai, we will be able to deliver a high quality international accelerator program, providing access points into both markets for startups from respective geographies. In addition to functioning as a startup accelerator, we will be able to bring quality mobile / internet / digital media startups from both geographies, to the industry.

We are here to build the startup ecosystem, by creating an interdisciplinary coworking platform. Our model doesn’t involve any equity or fee for service. During the tenure on incubation, we offer infrastructure, access to industry partners, business development support, mentoring and client relations. Only when we evaluate for seed funding and go forward with the funding (after 3-4 months into the program), do we take a 5-7% equity in the take. Companies are free to exit the program after the 4-6 month duration, without funding (and without diluting their equity and/or paying any fees to us!). Beyond the free infrastructure, our main value add to the accelerator program is industry contacts, test markets and client facilitation.

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