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Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2008

About Zeus Group

Zeus Group is an innovative Mobile & Enterprise Solutions Software Development Company with +9 years on market and +700 projects completed.

Our mission is to help our clients to compete through our expertise, experience and ideas. Established in 2008, Zeus Group operates around the globe with R&D offices in California and Ukraine.

ZEUS advantages over the other companies are in-depth understanding of clients business needs and providing them with most architectural optimal and cost-effective solutions, instead of just doing plain coding.

We provide our services in such areas as Cyber Security, CRM/ERP, AI Solutions, Big Data Analysis, embedded systems and Mobility Solutions. Using cutting-edge technologies we create Chatbots, Audio/Video/Voice/Image recognitions, integrate them into organization’s IT systems, deploy complex CRM/ERP solutions, which leads to increasing of organization automation level, performance, competitiveness and at the same time decreasing OPEX.

Our startup A-NET (http://a-net.mobi/) became a finalist of IBM Glovators Challenge in Barcelona 2016. https://www.youracclaim.com/badges/5243acee-1677-41c9-b303-ae0846d0ac91

Zeus Group is an expert in real-time audio/video processing and streaming functionality. Our expertise is proven by IBM, Google, Apple, T-Mobile, Investis and dozens of startups. We strive to think different in almost any corner of our service delivery model.

Additionally, our clients get for free go-live support and 3 months of maintenance services. Cooperating with our clients we are focused on long-term partnership bringing sustainable grow to their business.

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Mobile, Web, UX/UI Design, Enterprise, AI, Big Data, High Load, Real-time Audio/Video, Security & Cryptocurrencies.

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