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Tokai on Main Main Road, Tokai, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa
+27 21 713 7260
  • Employees: 50
  • Year founded: 2005

About Yebotech

Yebotech is a South African electronics manufacturing company which markets and sells an innovative smart or intelligent electronic key and locking system designed to replace conventional mechanical counterparts.

Multiple locks can be accessed with a single key and authorisation can be allocated to additional keys with a direct audit trail.

Our products are affordable and easy to use in conjunction with the web management system for security controlled environments.

The Yebotech solution monitors and manages a company’s supply chain or infrastructure focusing on two important ingredients – people and assets!

Yebotech features:


• Easily fully integrated management system
• One key programed to open multiple locks
• Master key can issue or revoke authorisation of keys
• Each key is issued with a Id and user name
• Each key has an adjustable time window


• Time windowing mirrors usage or work time
• Rights can immediately be revoked
• Exceptions generated by management software
• Keys and locks carry a unique indelible electronic identity
• Multi-keying – more than one key can be inserted to open a lock
• Locks can be used as check points
• Compliant with industry standards


• One key can open multiple locks
• One lock can be opened by multiple keys
• Easy to manage complex business rules
• Improves efficiencies and management controls


• Captures every user action by specific time
• Available on audit trail by key, user, department and lock
• Exceptions generated by management software
• Reports developed to clients’ needs

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