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Unit 7B; Woodmill Centre Vredenburg Rd, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
  • Employees: 10
  • Year founded: 2015

About Xuviate

We unlock Growth in mid-sized Businesses by helping IT initiate and lead a Journey of Digital Transformation.

The Story so Far

Mathias and Mark, both co-founders of Xuviate and long-time friends have previously founded and run one of the most successful South African IT service providers focused exclusively on SMEs.

During the 21 years that that business journey lasted, they continuously challenged the status quo and set the standard that other companies followed.

Incidentally it was this quest for “the next big thing”​ that eventually led them to exit Space Age Technologies and start their brand new journey with Xuviate. Mark wrote a quite nice blog on “Why Xuviate?”​ <​link to Why Xuviate Blog> that neatly summarises their thinking and why they just had to start Xuviate.

And this brings us again to the present where Xuviate passionately helps IT leaders initiate and lead their companies on a journey of digital transformation.

Our products include the well-received Mastermind Groups for IT leaders, our new Hive platform for peer-based knowledge-exchange and various advisory services, all based on Relevant IT, our purpose-built, step-by-step digital transformation methodology.

The Future

But no matter how much we do, this is a job too big for any one company and we are actively looking for opportunities to collaborate with other, like-minded organizations and individuals from around the world.

Let’s join forces in this quest to make this world a better place! And have some fun while doing so!

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