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Toronto, Canada
++1 419 777 4663
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2018

About Visible Value Stream Consulting

Improvement needs to start where you are, so it’s essential to visualize your current workflow in order to know where and how to invest. This is where Flow Engineering and I come in. I’ll work with you to define where you are, discover your top 3 opportunities and guide you towards your ideal state.

Flow Engineering for growing SAAS teams

  1. Streamline decisions, approvals and process bloat
  2. Boost buy-in, alignment and engagement
  3. Build a culture of sharing, innovation and learning
  4. Leverage the latest technology, where you need it
  5. See results in hours, with no tool lock-in
  6. Start seeing improvement instead of friction

Can you see what’s holding you back? Visible provides clarity, coaching and tools to ambitious software product teams struggling with scale, complexity and friction.

Using a combination of custom capability maps, value stream mapping and runbooks, we’ll get your team running at top speed!

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Digital Transformation, Technical Due Diligence, DevOps, Certification, Process Engineering, Software, Innovation, Continuous Delivery, Enterprise, Automation, Continuous Deployment, Testing, Security, Systems Engineering.

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