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Rockland, Maine, USA
  • Size: Large
  • Year founded: 2007

About Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee gives you the power to hire custom talent and skill-sets from the comfort of your office – at low costs.

Businesses and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and resources building a team of professionals. After hiring, they have to spend a great deal of money in providing training, hardware, software and office space to the employees.

But with VE, you not only get easy access to the right talent, but also save on infrastructure and overhead costs. Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd. or VE is an outsourcing company that actually introduced the concept of ‘virtual employee’​. It is the best alternative to hiring a local employee.

It provides low-cost, skilled virtual employees who work from VE’s state-of-art offices in Noida’s SEZ (Special Economic Zone) and around in the NCR (National Capital Region) in India, near New Delhi. VE’s outsourcing model enables big, medium or small companies to hire their very own full-time employees, who work for them on a dedicated basis, unlike a freelancer. VE’s offices serve as your own offshore units in India with our staff working as your physical representatives.

The resources picked by you are on our payroll, but it’s you who gets the ‘benefits’ that come with having recruited staff on board. We take care of all the logistics, like providing office space, equipment, computer terminals, internet connection, telephones with US / UK / Australian / Canadian numbers, fax machines, scanners, printers, video conferencing facilities etc., along with 24-hour HR and IT support – so that you and your virtual employee can focus only on work.

With VE, you can outsource to India any office work in any field or profession, like software development, multimedia, programming, law, accounts, engineering, data entry, SEO, content writing, etc. Workplaces are quickly becoming virtual workstations. Don’t be left behind in a world that is caught in the remote staffing revolution – thanks to VE, the pioneer.

Why not enjoy the benefits of hiring a virtual employee (who works exactly like a local employee) instead of opting for a freelancer?

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