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Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
+38 095 891 2853
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  • Year founded: 2016

About Utor

UTOR is a team of testers and QA engineers. We hunt bugs before your users find them.

Our Mission is to provide software and development companies with a wide range of QA and Testing services which can easily and professionally be implemented in a development flow to ensure quality and increase application user happiness.

We power software and development companies with a wide range of QA and Testing services which can easily and professionally be implemented in a development flow to decrease quality risks and increase application users’ happiness.

Our services: https://readymag.com/utor/UTOR1/

Automation testing with UTOR – what you get
If the only thing you get is certainly that your software is tested across all possible devices, browsers, and operating systems… If the only thing you get is a product release that happens on time without any delays… If the only thing you get is a lower testing cost but a higher quality…With UTOR software test automation services you don’t get only one thing. You get all of them.

Our QA automation engineers can help you select testing tools, develop test automation frameworks, maintain test environment, and implement all types of automated test scripts.

Automated tests require a short execution time and let you avoid unwanted delays. Day or night, your automated tests will run around the clock. As a result of automation, you get a faster time to market. We automate thousands of simultaneous manual tests maximizing test coverage, and letting you lower the costs of testing in the long run.

An overview of our QA automation services
Test automation strategy can be complicated, but we have the right technical chops to plan and run it effectively. Our automation testing company has everything you need to get a comprehensive testing solution.


What we provide:

Test automation strategy
Define goals, decide on the testing methods, select a test automation framework, and tools needed to execute testing.

Custom test automation framework
Our custom test automation framework outlines the guidelines that we will follow while writing and running tests.

Automated regression testing
We re-run every test with every new iteration of code, checking the application for potential errors, and specifying what broke and why.

GUI test automation
We use Selenium, Appium, and other automation testing tools to carry out GUI testing.

Automated performance testing
Our performance test scripts examine response times, the number of acceptable concurrent users, and more.

Automation script maintenance
We write new automated test scripts and optimize existing to improve the quality of each release.

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Email: artem.zemlyanoy@u-tor.com

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