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Tough and Competent

Hereford, United Kingdom
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2018

About Tough and Competent

Tough & Competent is a digital customer experience consultancy which specialises in marketing, messaging and technical consulting for businesses that operate online. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on long-term, strategically led consulting.

T&C’s primary expertise is marketing and technology; the value we deliver comes from the creation of an end-to-end strategy that accentuates an overall experience you wish to deliver to your current and future customers.

We work to co-create with you a strategy that matches the goals you have in your business. Whilst we deliver good work, we also ask for as much from our clients as they ask from us. We believe that our work can only deliver in partnership with a client.

Our work doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so we push our clients to ensure they get the best results from our work.

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Customer experience, marketing, messaging, technical consulting.

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