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London, United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7859 4740
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  • Year founded: 2018

About The Job Auction

What is The Job Auction?

The Job Auction is the world’s fastest growing careers platform.
It is a job board as well as an auction platform for jobs and skills

For whom is The Job Auction?

For job seekers, employers, freelancers or anyone who has a job they need doing or a skill they want to offer.

What does The Job Auction offer?

There are three types of listings we offer.

  • Jobs: Jobs are for anyone who is looking for staff or looking for employment.
  • Tasks: One-off jobs and tasks for freelancers at a fixed price/rate. You can either post a task for something you need doing or something you offer.
  • Auctions: An auction for a job or skill. This will enable you to bid on your rate/payment/salary. You can create an auction for any type of job or skill. If you have something you need doing create a Job Auction. If you have a skill or are good at something create a Skill Auction.

Advertise a job or skill with ease on The Job Auction.

Create a public profile for free and allow others to find you today.

The Job Auction is your way to success.

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