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31 Wootton Street, London, United Kingdom
+44 20 7842 8235
  • Year founded: 2010

About The Digital Consultancy

The Digital Consultancy (TDC) helps companies close the gap between what digital consumers demand and expect from businesses and what they actually experience. Since 2010, TDC has tackled digital strategy, digital transformation and marketing challenges for BP, Castrol, GE Life Sciences, Merck, Pearson Education, Rolls-Royce and Warburtons, among others. Pure, unbiased strategic advice is core to TDC’s client proposition and provides the foundation for a solution set that spans comprehensive digital strategy, digital competency development, and digital engagement. The firm is headquartered in London with an office in New York.

Our proven experience and expertise encompasses three main areas:

Strategy: Our recommendations are always analytics-driven with clear, actionable next steps and timings. We use proven methodologies and tools that add value to the business, create true consumer understanding around audiences and customers and ensure the right strategic framework is in place to be able to gain collective understanding and adherence to the agreed strategy.

Capabilities: Without the right capabilities in place across an organisation the strategy will be difficult to land effectively. Our capabilities team assesses existing and future capability needs and develops the right training tools, which are tailored to the needs of global or regional management boards and local marketing and sales teams.

Engagement: In order to embed the digital strategy, we work with our clients to effectively engage the right stakeholders across geographies and functions. By ensuring they buy in to the strategy, we help create the right environment to ensure the agreed company approach is understood, embraced and exploited.

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