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Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 1989

About The Daniel Group

The Daniel Group provides strategy, research and customer service improvement programs to business-to-business companies.

Our ServiceConnect transactional survey process is a proven way to measure, manage and improve B2B customer service.

The customer feedback program is currently employed at over 75% of the Caterpillar dealers in North America. The process is conducted via telephone interviews and we currently provide interview capabilities in English, Spanish and French.

Our market research product line helps to better understand customer and employee needs. Our Strategic consulting services provide clients with a proven way to make their strategy development process more effective.

Our employee feedback services will help you better understand your employee’s pain points to improve workplace happiness and productivity

Our lost customer feedback will help your company figure out why a customer left and how to fix the issues so you keep more customers from leaving.

Our mission is simple–to help business-to-business companies create more loyal customers. We help them to:

Measure: Gather valuable voice of the customer feedback, which provides insights and ideas for customer service improvement and ways to improve customer loyalty strategies.

Manage: Help clients manage the employee/customer engagement process to ultimately improve service and create more loyal customers and employees.

Improve: Ultimately, create a customer service experience that produces positive word-of-mouth, a powerful marketing tool in today’s competitive world.

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