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Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2009

About The Commercial Works

We help Create, Capture and Sustain value.

We are a commercially-focused advisory firm that supports clients through training, research and consulting services to develop effective, evidence-based marketing and commercial strategies to grow their brands.

We keep it simple. No proprietary models. No black-box statistics. No complicated jargon. We live with the need to balance volume and profit growth every day. We aim to bring all the tools to create, capture and sustain value to bear so that you can expand your commercial choices to grow volume and profitability.

Our services help you answer some of the big questions facing all businesses and enable you to develop:

– Realistic and evidence-based goals for your brand’s growth

– A clear value-based revenue strategy that is understood and actively managed throughout the business

– Marketing and Commercial strategies and tactics to reach your most valuable customers and/or prospects

– Distinctive campaigns that are well branded and engaging, – Increasing return on creative and media investments

– The right KPI’s and benchmarks to track to balance short and longer term business needs.

We have worked for a wide range of (multinational) clients in various industries such as: Consumer Packaged Goods, Foodservice, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Energy, Travel and Not-for-profits. Our offices are in the UK and The Netherlands.

We are proud to be affiliated with the renowned Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing (led by Professor Byron Sharp, author of How Brands Grow), which has been making exciting discoveries about how marketing really works, how buyers behave and what that means for brand building.

If you want to discuss how you can create, capture and sustain value with more effective marketing, commercial strategies and tactics, please contact us individually or via

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Marketing, Branding and Trading strategy, Marketing Intelligence, Pricing and Promotions, Advertising and Media, and Training, Research, Advisory support.

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