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20-22 Wentlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom
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The Adjacent: Transforming Organizations at the Intersection of Complexity and Change

Founded by Douglas Talbot, a leading figure in organizational design and transformation, The Adjacent is an organizational design and transformation consultancy that works with leaders to shape organizations capable of adapting to the increasing pace of change in today’s complex world.

At the heart of The Adjacent’s work is the Organizational Dynamics Canvas, a continually updated synthesis of the latest research, books, case studies, and leading-edge intelligence covering core aspects of the science, design, and habits of the world’s most extraordinary organizations. The company helps its clients overcome challenges related to organizational complexity and a rapidly changing world. Their services include:

  • Assessment:
    • O-Map Assessment using diagnostic surveys, interviews, and observations to benchmark organizations against extraordinary ones and highlight capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and areas to focus.
  • Strategy:
    • Application of proven, researched tools like the Cynefin Framework, Wardley Mapping, and Systems Thinking to clarify organizational direction and strategy.
  • Evolution:
    • Assistance in Digital and Agile Transformations, Culture Change Initiatives, and Operating Model Design to help build the capabilities needed to realize organizational strategy.

The Adjacent’s approach focuses on accelerating evolution for extraordinary organizations through consulting, coaching, and training, enabling sustained shifts in culture, systems, and practices.

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