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Pittsford (Rochester), New York, United States
  • Size: Large
  • Coverage: International
  • Year founded: 1986

About Sutherland

Sutherland is a process transformation company focused on helping companies rethink the way business gets done.

Whether transforming your financial processes, applying analytics to customer care, or leveraging experience design to build a customer journey map, we are experts in reengineering process.

We design exceptional customer experiences for the digital age, by deconstructing your business processes, rethinking, rebuilding, and delivering them back smarter, more efficient and more effective than before.

We’re the people behind the screens, the clicks, the voice commands and all the points in-between where customers connect with your business. At Sutherland, we’re where people and process come together.

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Process Management and Transformation, Knowledge Services, IT Services, Technology, Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Travel & Entertainment, Retail and Electronic Commerce Industries, Telecom, and Government

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