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Albion Lane, Willerby, England, United Kingdom
+44 7912 214901
  • Employees: 200
  • Coverage: International
  • Year founded: 2000

About Summit

Summit are Changemakers in online retailing.

For 14 years we’ve worked with some of Europe’s most successful retailers and brands, helping them to make more money from retailing online. Our purpose is simple and commercial:

To make it more likely that people buy from our clients than anyone else.

Our unique online retail ‘value chain’ provides our clients with deep expertise across the disciplines required to trade online: Strategy, ecommerce, online marketing, trading and logistics. With 150 staff working across the UK and Europe, we are passionate about helping our clients transform their business opportunity online by thinking and acting differently.

We give advice that changes the way retailers think about their business.
We build technology that makes it easy for them to trade and for their customers to buy.
We create online marketing that brings people closer to their business.
We make it more likely that people buy from our clients than anyone else.

The combination of joined-up expertise working collaboratively across our retail value chain ensures our clients adapt faster to the changing retail landscape.

To find out more about our multi-channel performance marketing tool, Forecaster, visit the website.

Forecaster is our multi-channel performance marketing platform designed and built by Summit. Using predictive analytics, Forecaster is able to tell retailers and brands exactly how much, where and when to spend their online marketing budget across PPC, PLAs and Display. By analysing these channels, learning from the market and studying how customers behave, it makes accurate decisions about where and when to invest a performance marketing budget to make the greatest profit.

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