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Stuart Gibson

Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Size: Interim Consultancy
  • Year founded: 2018

About Stuart Gibson

I started Digital Aid with the aim of providing expertise and support to SMEs and charities to help them leverage the benefits of digital.

Every organisation is different, but we believe that there are four key areas that all organisations need help with and in which digital can play a significant role.

1) Business Growth – Increase positive customer engagement, market share and sales revenue.
2) Competition – Help you identify ways of using digital to gain advantage over your competition.
3) Digital Skills – Provide leadership, training and support for your team so they are better equipped.
4) Time – Improve process efficiencies generating more time and flexibility for you and your team.

All organisations are at different stages in their digital maturity and therefore need support in different ways. In recognition of this, we aim to support you in ways appropriate to your needs.

  • Interim roles – We will work within your organisation for a defined period of time, in digital leadership roles, to guide and support you until you have your own team in place to take over the reins.
  • Project-specific – We will work within your organisation to shape and deliver specific digital initiatives. These could be strategically focused, defining a digital roadmap or delivering a new website, for example.
  • Support only – You may have a team around you but feel you need support. We’ll work with you, on an ad-hoc basis, to provide expertise and guidance in relation to the digital initiatives you are focusing on.
  • Support network – We work with a trusted network of digital professionals, who focus on areas such as Brand, Marketing, SEO, Design, etc., that we’ll call on to provide expertise for your initiatives.

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Strategy, Brand, Marketing, SEO, Design.

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