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Lervigsveien 22A, Stavanger, 4014, Norway
+47 9171 3258
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2010

About Strategy Tools

Strategy Tools is a global strategy tech platform that help companies rethink and change how they work on strategy.

We combine a new playbook on strategy & transformation, with new tools and solutions to drive a new way of doing strategy.

Our software platform has users in 100+ countries, customers in 65+ countries and run large platform projects worldwide.

We teach, advise and support on-going transformation projects across industries. With our global partner network, we serve clients and projects globally.

Strategy Intro
The number one strategy tool for companies of any size. The Strategy intro is the perfect starting point for any strategy process – for startups, scale-ups and corporates.

Strategic Innovation Canvas
The Strategic Innovation Canvas gives you and your team the ability to think beyond today in terms of managing your innovation, strategy or business model portfolio.

Transformation Architecture
The Transformation Architecture helps your company build the right architecture for transformation. “It’s not about ideas”, says Professor Rita McGrath. Instead, it is all about having the right architecture, the right HOW in place for your large-scale transformation.

Two Lenses on Strategy
The Two Lenses helps to handle different world views on strategy. It helps to balance out the dominant views of strategy as classical strategic thinking.

The Transformation Test
Often used as a conversation tool by companies – the Transformation Test helps to measure how ready your company is for transformation. It frames strategic questions on whether your transformation will be successful and if you have the right capabilities and processes in place.

Transformation Assessment
The Transformation Assessment is a quick and easy transformation survey that gives a direct intro to the Magic Formula of Money, Structure, and Mandate (M+S+M).

Industry Shifts Map
Use the Industry Shifts Map to understand how your world is changing. Most companies have a limited interest in what happens outside of their company / industry. This tool helps you make sense of what’s happening and how it could affect your company’s trajectory.

Industry Map
Do we actually understand how the landscape around us is changing? Do we have a shared view, a shared understanding in our company or management team of the ongoing changes in our industry? Are we able to think both short term and long term? The Industry Map helps answer these questions.

Corporate Venture Capital Canvas
The Corporate Venture Capital Canvas (CVC Canvas) helps you build a strategy for a Corporate Venture Capital program by identifying the key items for a successful CVC.

Corporate Venture Capital Matchmaker
The CVC Matchmaker helps you assess if a startup is the right investment for your company, and if you are the right investor for the startup. It helps you figure out whether you are a good financial, strategic and cultural fit together.

Corporate Venture Capital Deal Map
Use the CVC Deal Map to map out a CVC deal, align interests and create a shared roadmap to success in CVC deals. Used correctly, this tool will help you answer the question, “is this a good deal for our CVC?”

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