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London, United Kingdom
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  • Year founded: 2016

About Strategic Narrative

When you’re planning major change, getting your story right is mission critical. That’s what we do, through consulting, coaching and content production.

Our Chief Storyteller, Stuart Maister, also facilitates conferences, workshops and round tables in a highly journalistic way to ensure everyone is focused on the task at hand.

We have a proven methodology that identifies what motivates the target audience, and then defines why and how the change is happening and how this will benefit those involved.

We run workshops and then write the story with you so that the leadership team is agreed and aligned behind a clear narrative which cuts through to those you need to engage.

Our work is also relevant for those seeking to sharpen their external facing market narrative. This is the differentiating story, the platform for growth that means you know who you are targeting, what are your distinctive characteristics, what you want to stand for in the marketplace and the kind of people you therefore need to take you on the journey.

Here’s when this really makes a difference. When you plan or are leading a step change.

For example, you need to:

• Differentiate your firm or service in a crowded market to drive growth
• Get the leadership team clear, aligned and focused around an agreed strategy
• Define and articulate the firm’s vision, purpose and value proposition
• Develop clear key account narratives for your most valuable clients
• Get in a dynamic keynote speaker for your awayday who will focus the group on what needs to be done
• Coach your leaders to get their own story clear and focused


Leadership, Strategy & Innovation, Communication, Customer Engagement, People & Change, Programme Delivery.

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