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Steve Pereira

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Size: Independent Consultant
  • Year founded: 2012

About Steve Pereira

I bring tools, techniques and coaching to ambitious teams looking to radically improve their workflow, sail past their expectations and save ridiculous amounts of time, cost and risk.

For over 20 years I’ve been empowering business with tech, and humanizing software. I advise both high performing and struggling software delivery teams to increase their performance, agility and delivered value.

But really, ever since I was an infant I’ve been taking things apart and reimagining how they fit together. I had the wonderful fortune of being a child of a technical manager and a teacher, in a family of 6 kids. I was always encouraged to be curious and resourceful and to speak up, experiment and think big – and that’s always how I’ve lived and worked.

I want to talk to enterprise software and IT teams about their struggles, hopes and progress. Driving positive change is my passion and I’d love to help you – even if it’s just for a quick question here on LinkedIn.

You can often catch me at meetups around the city or at my own community events with DevOpsTO every month.

I love to talk about
– DevOps and Continuous Learning
– Digital/Cloud/Delivery Transformation
– Software Delivery/Value Stream Automation
– Technological Due Diligence
– Engineering Velocity and Scale
– Regulatory Compliance and Certification
– Technical and Strategic Partnerships
– Security/Privacy by Design
– Agile Infrastructure
– Cybernetics

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DevOps, delivery, IT advisory.

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