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West London, London, United Kingdom
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International speaker, trainer & author of Digital Leadership

Social media, creativity and leadership – putting it into context

When I started to work with social media, video-production and e-commerce in 2009 I quickly realised that the way you treat new ideas matters a lot. New ideas come from people, so how you treat people is important as well. The outcome of you and your team’s collective ability to cooperate will affect the outcome of your efforts. If people in a team feel like they matter, you are more likely to see good results. In contrast, when no-one feels that their input is important, you are likely to create a static, hostile working environment without many new initiatives.

It was with this in mind that I started to be interested in how new ideas, creativity, technology, social media and leadership work together.

A lot of information is created and pushed out every second. To be seen and heard is difficult. Your ability to come up with new ways to share your brand and be heard is crucial. Great leadership, a solid understanding of your brand and knowing how creativity works are firm building blocks in any organisation.

We can never know what the future holds. We can only guess. The ways in which we use social media and new technology have influenced us hugely. In the next couple of months, new ideas and opportunities may appear thanks to social media and how we connect. These ideas affect everyone in some way; even people who choose not to get involved in technology will feel the change.

Leaders are responsible for shaping the world around us and creating a sustainable future. If leaders are not interested in technology and new ways of communicating, they are not going to be able to make decisions based on current knowledge. They will be more likely to use their own, sometimes old, assumptions to plan for the future.

My interest in how social media and leadership work together has formed the basis of the books I’ve written.

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