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  • Year founded: 2015

About SmilePass

to smilepass v: “the act of authenticating oneself against one’s unique digital identity”

In an online world threatened by fraudsters, scammers and hackers, we help businesses and their customers to trust each other and to build closer relationships.

We do this by Enabling Trusted Communities through the creation of unique verifiable biometric customer ID’s which are used to authenticate any important transactions or events.

For business clients, SmilePass means lower risk, costs and both closer and longer customer relationships. In turn, customers know they’re in a trusted, permissioned and secure relationship.

We plan to create a business supporting tens of billions of trusted transactions annually around the globe. We use technology to help clients solve important business problems in the simplest way possible. We’re lean and are driven to constantly experiment together with our clients to speed up learning and improve their competitiveness.

Let’s have a look at an example of use.

Company X is a 3rd party logistics operator, delivering parcels around a country. Company X has a problem with some drivers who are stealing valuable parcels. When these drivers are identified and fired, in many cases they go and drive elsewhere and even for the same logistics operator in another location.

SmilePass will create a backend with unique biometric profiles for all drivers. When a driver signs up, he/she provides facial verification using our app and this is matched against the entire database of drivers. Any driver previously dismissed is easily identified.

New data legislation, and in particular the new GDPR regulations, customers have more rights and control over their data. SmilePass is built to facilitate data permissioning and sharing so that businesses are fully compliant and their customers know and trust how their data is used.

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