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Siobhan McHale

Melbourne, Australia
  • Year founded: 1990

About Siobhan McHale

Siobhan McHale: I’m a culture transformer with a vision to make workplaces better. I’ve worked across four continents, helping thousands of leaders to create more agile and productive workplaces. I’ve also been on the “inside” as the executive in charge of culture change in a series of large, multinational organizations.

One of these inside jobs was a radical seven-year change initiative at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) that transformed it from the lowest-performing bank in the country into one of the highest-performing and most admired banks in the world.

Professor John Kotter used my work with ANZ as a Harvard Business School case study designed to teach MBA students about managing change. In 2020, Thinkers50 Radar recognised me as one of the people whose “work will shape the future of how organisations are managed and led”.

I’m excited to share my ‘insider’ secrets with you in my new book, “The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change” (due out in April 2020). The book gives you the 4 steps required for successful culture change and will help you create a workplace that can deliver, grow and adapt.

I am currently the Executive General Manager of People, Culture & Change at DuluxGroup, which is an international paints and coatings company (headquartered in Melbourne, Australia). The key focus in my role is helping to create a more innovative, consumer-driven and growth-oriented culture.

My name Siobhan is pronounced ‘Shiv-awn’ which is the Irish form of Joan.

Please follow me on LinkedIn if you are interested in workplace culture and change.

Siobhan McHale: specialist skills:
– Culture Change
– Change Management
– Organisation Effectiveness
– Leadership Development
– Diversity & Inclusion
– Employee Engagement
– Learning Strategy & Design
– Performance Management
– Talent Management
– Succession Planning

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Thought leadership, Culture.

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