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Boston, Massachusetts, USA
+1 952 769 7760
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  • Year founded: 2019

About Shoshin Works

SHOSHIN WORKS – Expert Operating Systems. We integrate the power of expert ecosystems and platforms seamlessly into your operations.

​You operate with better information, at a faster pace, for better performance.

EXPERT OPERATING SYSTEMS – Expert Ecosystems, Platform Operations

CONNECT – Your Talent, On Platform
Intelligent platform deployment unlocks knowledge assets, smooths capacity through collaboration, enables micro-entrepreneurship.

BENCH – Talent Ecosystem to Match Your Own
Intelligent ecosystem deployment smooths capacity and growth with curated talent clouds, enables precise allocation of work, elevates the availability and allocation of your own team.

EXTEND – Curated Talent Ecosystem to Extend Your Reach
Intelligent ecosystem deployment integrates frontier competencies with curated talent clouds, enables learning, accelerates speed to market.

DELIVER – Curated Talent Ecosystem, Specified Outcomes
Intelligent ecosystem deployment augments sourcing operations, enabling rapid acquisition of precise outcomes.

Shoshin Works help organizations deploy Future of Work strategies that optimize performance.

Forward-thinking executives rely on our Expert Operating System to:
– Develop high-value partner, expert and employee ecosystems
– Integrate digital expert markets into their core talent and sourcing stack
– Operationalize collaboration to harness expertise, capacity and outcomes
– Automate and optimize expert cohort operations

Our tools address mindsets & methodology, enabling advanced application of:
– Open innovation
– Crowdsourcing
– Freelance resourcing

Our clients operate with better information, at a faster pace, for better results.

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Future of Work, Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Gig Economy, Process Optimization, Expert Ecosystems, Platform Business Models and Community Engagement

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