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Intelligence Driven Cyber Security

Security Alliance is a cyber intelligence company with a global delivery capability.

We are a UK based cyber security company, founded in 2007 and specialising in the provision of highest quality cyber threat intelligence and security testing programmes

We bring together conventional intelligence methods and deep technical knowledge, helping our clients to understand their cyber threat landscape and make better security decisions..

As a Cyber Threat Intelligence consultancy, Security Alliance is able to provide a range of consultancy services designed to fortify existing cyber security programmes against the specific threat actors and vulnerabilities unique to your organisation.

We deliver them using carefully-chosen analysts with traditional intelligence backgrounds. That means we have a firm grounding in intelligence fusion and intelligence exploitation, with a broad understanding of the geo-political context in which your organisation operates.

Widely recognised as experts for the provision of penetration testing services, our specialists have been helping clients within government, non-profit and commerce for well over a decade. Through adopting a flexible approach we deliver our penetration testing services according to your preference as one-off, ad hoc projects, or as part of a fully managed programme. Irrespective of your choice, each engagement is scoped, project managed and performed by experienced penetration testing specialists who use rigorous testing methodologies, coupled with skill and experience.

Our penetration testing services include everything from infrastructure and application review, through to targeted simulated attacks, and involve far more than simply scanning your network for weaknesses. Instead they are performed as hands-on exercises so that less obvious vulnerabilities can be exposed and false positives can be verified, resulting in more accurate assessments

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