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Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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  • Year founded: 2017

About Sector 7 Apps

At Sector 7 Apps, our team is highly capable and experienced in building apps. We’ve utilized and improved industry standard processes to develop our own unique and efficient concept-to-launch process.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to develop the next big social media app or a small business owner seeking to redefine internal processes, we at Sector 7 Apps have you covered. Our team of talented and skilled designers and developers have the expertise to take your idea from the drawing board to App Store

We’ll start by brainstorming with you to work through your idea, business model, market pain points, and how your app is delivering value to its users. We’ll be a close partner for you as we work to define project goals and answer questions you may have along the way.

In our initial planning, we want to tackle strategic questions such as, “what is the app’s purpose” and, “what is our target audience?” Once you feel comfortable, we will move forward to properly scoping out the project.

Defining the Project Scope

After we define our goals and initial concept, we’ll work with you to define the project scope, outline the app’s features, and choose the support platform(s). Defining scope from the get go will lead to a more focused and well running application. While it may be tempting to go for a home run app that solves every problem, we will need to first define the key problems the app absolutely needs to solve first.

Secondly, we’ll work with you in choosing the app’s platform, and whether you want your app to be supported on Apple or Android operating systems, or both!

Finally, we’ll walk you through how your app can be monetized. Whether you want your users to pay an upfront fee or if you want to earn money through advertising, we can help you make the business decisions that will bring in revenue. In this project phase we want to answer some crucial questions such as, “how large of an app do we need” and, “do we want an Apple or Android app?” Once we have an agreed upon project scope, we will kickoff the mobile app design process!

User Interface and Experience Design

Now it’s time to break out the sketch pads for the design process! Our team will collect any branding assets you may have and define the project style guide. From there, our designers will get to work developing a wireframe, and a rudimentary example of how the app will look, feel, and function.

This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months to design, review, and adjust, depending on the complexity of the app.

In this phase, we’ll keep in contact with you as we work on the design and user experience elements of your app. Feedback and revision suggestions are encouraged, as this phase is all about flexibility.

Application Development

After you feel happy with the design and layout of the app, our developers will get to work on coding your app. We’ll begin with your app prototype, going from the back end code to the front end user interface. Depending on your project scope this can take anywhere three months or more to be developed. Keep in mind, the bigger the project, the longer the development time.

Once we have your development version of the app complete, it’s testing time. In this substage, it’s time to test and test again. Feel free to share your app with your friends and family, as every bit of feedback will be valuable for the final development stages of your app.

We will need to know exactly what adjustments and bugs that need to be fixed before we move forward on the finishing touches on your app. Depending on the work needing to be done, this may need a few more weeks or months of development.

Launch to the App Store

After months of work, now comes the moment of truth; it’s finally time to launch your app! Before we are ready launch, we’ll want to make sure that people know about your app. We’ll develop a marketing strategy and campaign that resonates with your target audience before your app hits the market. After generating some buzz for your app, we’ll be ready to push your app onto the marketplace.

App Maintenance & Growth

After your app is on the marketplace, we will want to be with you to measure your application’s performance. We will utilize analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, Localytics, and Firebase, to track of your app’s performance in retention rates, number of active users, platform stability (number of crashes/errors), average session length, and revenue generated per user.

Knowing these statistics will be vital to you as a business owner or entrepreneur in order to further improve your application’s performance compared to your competition.

Once we have the data on how your application is performing, we can continue to tailor and fine tune your app’s marketing campaign. We will be able to more accurately get your app in front of the people who will most want to use it.

Finally, we will continue to improve your app through continuous updates. Knowing your application’s performance metrics will give our development team the data to determine where opportunities and issues in the application exist. We will utilize these insights to give your users the best experience possible and you the app that you have always dreamed of creating.

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