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About Scrum.org

Scrum.org leads the evolution and maturity of Scrum to improve the profession of software development, up to the level of the enterprise agility of organizations.

Scrum.org strives to provide all of the tools and resources needed by Scrum practitioners and experts in agility to deliver value using Scrum. Scrum.org provides Scrum assessments to allow people to evaluate themselves and improve, hosts community forums and webcasts to foster discussion and knowledge transfer, and defines industry-leading Scrum training for practitioners at all levels. All these are part of the overall view of Scrum.org on enterprise agility as covered by the Evidence-Based Management for Software Organizations™ process.

Scrum.org was created in 2009 by Ken Schwaber, one of the founders of Scrum, out of extreme dissatisfaction with the state of the art.

Scrum.org is based in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).



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