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Scotty Hodson – Digital Transformation & Innovation

Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Size: Independent Consultant
  • Year founded: 2002

About Scotty Hodson – Digital Transformation & Innovation

Scotty Hodson is a specialist in Customer-led Digital Transformations & Marketing for Behaviour Change.

After more than 16 years of hands-on business and digital transformation experience it is time to help more ambitious companies (and fun people) to explore new business models, develop new cultures, acquire capabilities and deliver new value propositions and experiences.

By adhering to a set of proven principles, philosophies and frameworks your business could realise the magnificent opportunities of the digital economy and disrupt your industry or save your business becoming obsolete.

Many digital innovations are destined for failure, as they do not take a holistic approach and the team is NOT prepared for the challenges ahead. The key to success is to work a strategic roadmap that considers your operations, your marketing, your workforce and your new business models to develop new competitive advantages for your business.

Ultimately we need to consider how to improve customer value. This can transcend your offering, customer experience, price or platform. The first step is to put your customers at the heart of your thinking and understand their pains and desires.

Understanding where more people are at with their knowledge and behaviour; it is easier to plan, create and launch successful customers experiences and user journeys to attract and motivate more people into your new business model with superior operations (and keep them from other disruptors).

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Certified Digital Transformation Manager, Customer-led digital transformations and innovations, Evaluating business readiness to transform, Digital strategy and thought leadership, Programme development and leadership, Project planning and governance development, Taking new business models to market and making them a success with customers.

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