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Rotterdam, The Netherlands
+31 10 310 4188
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2018

About Sales.Rocks

Sales.Rocks is a sales enablement tool that helps companies fill their sales pipeline by allowing them to get quick access to full company and contact data from 14 European countries.

This tool is beneficial for marketing and sales professionals that want to simplify the process of finding leads because, in just a few clicks, they can download a list of hundreds of leads that contain all the necessary info you need to start prospecting.

Be among the 100+ subscription customers and 1,000+ active users who use Sales.Rocks every single day. Try us at

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Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, B2B Data, Sales Enablement, SaaS, CRM, Automation, Data Validation, Data Enrichment, Batch Data, Bulk Data, Prospecting tool, API Integrations.

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