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Sales Renewal Corporation

Concord, Massachusetts, USA
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2009

About Sales Renewal Corporation

Sales Renewal’s two growth solutions—the JointSourcing Solution and the Marketing Essential Solution—overcome the challenges that too often cause small business marketing to fail (

Both grow leads and sales through better, more cost-effective marketing and sales-enabling technology. Both also begin by developing a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan specific to your business and both provide and manage all the diverse expertise and tools needed to implement your custom plan and grow your revenue for 1 year.

The JointSourcing Solution™ (“joint venture” + “insourcing”) is ideal for businesses that want breakthrough growth and are interested in taking a fresh look at their strategies, marketing programs and sales-enabling technology, but don’t want to be burdened with acquiring and managing a team or paying their full time salaries or benefits.

JointSourcing is a comprehensive strategy, marketing and technology solution that insources all the expertise your business needs for its growth. This team handles all the day-to-day marketing and technology work that grow leads and sales (and demands so much of your time now), while Sales Renewal shares with you its management, and a portion of the rewards and risks (similar to a joint venture).

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The Marketing Essentials Solution™ is ideal for businesses that want to improve their sales & marketing scope and cost effectiveness and want to learn, and become proficient in, the marketing tactics that work best for their business through hands-on experience, real-world feedback and weekly coaching from expert partners.

Marketing Essentials is an easy-to-adopt, guided marketing and technology solution that tailors-to-your-business the marketing strategies and programs, and sales-enabling technology, that all businesses need to jump start their leads and sales.

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Growing revenue through more cost-effective:, 1) Content Marketing, 2) Web Marketing & SEO, 3) Social Media & PR, 4) Email Marketing, 5) In-Person Networking, 6) Paid Marketing, 7) Product Marketing, 8) Sales-Enabling Technology, and 9) Strategy, Analytics & Management

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