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319 Lafayette Street #237, New York, New York, 10012, USA
+1 917 727 3244
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2015

About S2E Transformation

S2E Transformation Inc. is an established consulting practice accelerating successful business transformations, with a focus on Fortune 500 companies.  We founded S2E to help clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution, and achieve their greatest visions for business transformation in a practical and business-focused way.

We use business architecture as a foundation for translating strategies into a coordinated set of designs, plans and business and IT execution across the enterprise—and we are recognized pioneers and leaders in the discipline.

S2E helps clients to design and plan business-driven transformations and optimize the strategy execution life cycle.  Having helped many organizations on their business architecture journeys, we are also invaluable partners to help you create and mature your own in-house business architecture practice including teaching you how to introduce the discipline, build business architecture blueprints, and apply them for real business results.

Transformation starts with big visions and strategies, but the organizations that can execute upon them in a coordinated way, with agility, will win.  The ability to move strategy into action, and constantly innovate and adapt to change, has now become a competitive advantage in itself.

Learn more by visiting www.s2etransformation.com, email info@s2etransformation.com or call us at +1 917 727 3244.

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Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Strategy Execution Life Cycle Consulting, Enterprise Planning and Portfolio Management, Management Consulting.

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