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Root Inc.

Sylvania, Ohio, USA
  • Size: Medium
  • Year founded: 1984

About Root Inc.

The world’s most respected organizations partner with Root Inc. to realize positive change.

We activate, motivate and inspire people to accelerate the speed of change through a combination of disruptive methods, storytelling, and interactive experiences.

Root’s process of defining the future, building an organizational movement and creating lasting change is backed by proven research and evolved over 25 years. A bold culture and international reputation for results has attracted two out of every three of the Fortune 50 to work with Root.

Change starts at Root’s values are critical elements in our culture of the organization and we believe directly attribute to the success of the company. They are so important, we annually give out awards to Rootsters who particularly embody those values.

Creative Excellence – We are challenged by pursuing a “better way” and assuming a spirit of “the way things done today aren’t good enough tomorrow.”

Servant Leadership –  We lead our clients and each other by being of service, making our clients and each other smarter, confident, and capable.

Fun – We know that having fun builds relationships, friendships, and business performance, and touches the human spirit.

Authenticity – We know that authenticity builds trust, and trust accelerates the process of achieving meaningful goals!

Engagement – We believe engagement helps people understand, learn, contribute, become more valuable, and impact business results.

Giving – We choose to give back by enriching the lives of others by giving to each other and by giving back to our communities.

Collaborative Design – We are committed to joining passion, creativity, and knowledge bringing together that which cannot be accomplished alone.

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