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About RCK Programme Methods

RCK, founded by Shaun Taylor, an experienced C-suite Executive and Transformation Leader, is committed to aligning its success with that of its clients. Shaun Taylor operates in a risk-sharing fee structure, where a portion of his fee is linked to the achievements made in the client’s company’s transformation efforts. He assists clients in prioritizing business transformation and value creation in their strategic agendas. As an outcome-based advisor, he works closely with clients to define, structure, and execute their transformation initiatives, operational improvements, and carve-outs/integrations.

Shaun Taylor’s approach emphasizes active listening and a comprehensive understanding of clients’ requirements to ensure that the services provided align with their transformation goals and add value to their organizations.RCK helps businesses tackle various critical challenges to drive transformation and value creation. The company’s tailored, outcome-based services delivered by a team of highly experienced and hand picked associatesĀ  are designed to address the following key areas:

  1. Cost Transformation: RCK assists clients in achieving sustainable cost reductions without compromising core capabilities.
  2. Digital & IT: RCK supports clients in transforming their businesses through digital and IT initiatives.
  3. Business Process Change: RCK helps clients enhance the efficiency of their business processes.
  4. Change Management: RCK assists clients in managing change effectively.
  5. Due Diligence: RCK provides due diligence services to help clients make informed decisions about mergers, acquisitions, and investments.
  6. Value Creation: RCK collaborates with clients to create value through technology improvement, operational enhancements, strategic initiatives, and cost-based restructuring.
  7. Red-Flag Analysis: RCK identifies potential risks and issues during the value creation process.

By addressing these challenges, RCK aims to empower businesses to drive transformation, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable growth.

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