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Quod Orbis

Euston Tower, , 286 Euston Road , London, NW1 3DP, United Kingdom
+44 (0)203 9622206
  • Employees: 9
  • Size: Boutique
  • Coverage: United Kingdom
  • Year founded: 2018

About Quod Orbis

Transforming organisations; through pragmatic advice, modelling, measurement, innovation and mitigation of technology risks. Quod Orbis was founded to cut through the nonsense and deliver tangible results to our clients, improving and simplifying their business, delighting them and creating lasting working relationships. We achieve this by working closely with our amazing clients and our own in-house software and our in house team of phenomenal experts – delivering long term transformation, cyber security and mitigation. We are proud to have helped transform and secured some of the largest global brands, reducing costs and risk while improving manageability, solving difficult problems that need innovative and pragmatic approaches.

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Transformation, Audit, Programme management, Risk management, Cyber Security, Threat Modelling, Cloud Security Assessment, Continuous Control & Monitoring, and Threat Modelling, Maturity & Mitigation

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