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15805 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, Florida, 33160, USA
++1 (855) 285-5223
  • Size: Boutique
  • Year founded: 2018

About Queentessence

Queentessence empowers physical venues, to understand their customers just as online businesses do.

Our platform enables them to gather and analyze data through wireless guest hotspots, so they can predict demand, send special offers, and conduct sophisticated email marketing campaigns.

Users maintain complete control over their secured profile data identity and customer journeys, revealing or confining content at will and in complete compliance with GDPR.

* Guest Access Platform Gateway IoT ready – Cloud-based AWS platform opened and ready for the adoption of IoT
* Hyper-personalized Experience – With rich dynamic interaction leveraging ML & Real-time data to deliver the most relevant content to clients
* Nurture Customer Loyalty – Leading to bilateral happiness
* Release expensive IT resources from complex Captive Portal Creation – Granting access to non-tech savvy personnel, bringing agility and freedom
* Mutualized WiFi Guest Access Infrastructure – For internal trade-related usage, optimizing overhead (expenses)
* Greater Customer Data Protection = Sustained Growth – Emboldens trust and prevents setbacks

Software Platform

Modular Dashboard – Centralized dashboard offering straight forward synoptic views or distinctive focus on specific advanced analytics, patterns or predictive behaviors.

Powerful Captive Portal Editor – Without having to arbitrate between power and simplicity, our captive portal editor allows granting access to non-tech savvy personnel. Therefore, content creation or updates tasks are demystified, inviting agility and freedom in the heart of the enterprise, also freeing expensive IT resources.

Queentessence’s AWS cloud-based platform – Vendor agnostic, Big data information is aggregated from omnichannel points of entry within the physical spaces. It is then processed with an in-house algorithm and converted to explicit insightful data helping the decision-making process.

Client Privacy Settings – Clients maintain full control of their secured profile data identity, customer journey, disclosing or restricting content at will, in full compliance with GDRP.

Customer Engagement – Venue clients wish for high quality engagement for their customer journey, thus enlightening retailers with efficiency and pertinence. Psychographics, WiFi Guest Access profiling along with advanced analytics offers a highly personalized customer journey.

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WiFi Analytics, Location Analytics, Mobile Engagement, ML Personalization, Ai Personalization, WiFi Management, IOT, Guest WiFi, and Foot Traffic

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