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London, United Kingdom
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  • Year founded: 2014

About Prospero Commerce

Prospero Commerce works with both Investors and Management teams in retail and consumer-focused businesses

We provide a rapid digital diagnostic to understand how to improve your performance and create a roadmap of acceleration services to help your business establish and grow faster.

Prospero Commerce works to restore growth in retailers and brands who need to turnaround performance.

What we do

Digital Commerce Consulting

The current Coronavirus crisis is challenging the future for retailers’ and brands. Taking a holistic view, we rapidly re-define what you need to do for a post-CV-19, digital-first world. We analyse at speed all aspects of your business to generate real performance improvements that can be realised quickly.


Diagnostic Framework

We use our 360° diagnostic framework, combined with our substantial experience, to analyse your digital strategy and operations. This provides a clear view of digital opportunities and a roadmap for improvement. We then can mentor and lead implementation of key initiatives. Contact us

Why use us?

Depth & Expertise

We are independent, agile thinkers who are evidence-based, customer-focussed and have an overriding desire to get stuff done. We have the passion and ability to diagnose opportunities and deliver change rapidly across all aspects of your digital activities. Meet Us

Our Beliefs

Holistic & Data-Driven

Retail is more challenging than ever, with a greater dependency on digital. Fresh thinking and innovation are no longer optional, we believe that only a holistic, data-driven, approach will produce sustainable results. Retailers need to become faster, lighter and more agile.

Who are we?

60 Years of Navigating Digital

Our team is a unique blend of retail and consultancy combined with extensive hands-on practical experience. We combine diagnostic skills with a strategic overview of how critical digital is to the survival of retailers and brands. We know when to talk and when to listen. Meet Us

Who are we?

Part of an Ecosystem

We are very well-networked and have an extremely strong pool of industry experts to call upon when facing particularly detailed challenges – as such we can take on anything from platform or system concerns through to Analytics, SEO, Tagging , CRM and Site performance. Meet Us

Who are we?

We are Prospero.

David Worby looking right

David Worby

CEO/CCO/Multi Channel Adviser and Consultant with over 30 years of hands-on experience. David is a digital native with considerable experience of UK retail and brand sectors where he brings a 15 – year focus on digital evolution and change.

Mark Pinkerton looking right

Mark Pinkerton

Hugely experienced digital commerce specialist with strengths in strategy and practical capabilities in MarTech, data & CRO. Mark has been a trusted advisor to many retail, brand & PE businesses with Logan Tod & Co, PwC and Practicology.

Mike Williams looking right

Mike Williams

Mike began his eCommerce journey with Compuserve in the 1990s. He co-founded Logan Tod & Co – a performance optimisation consultancy, which he later sold to PwC. He brings 20 years experience working with a wide variety of UK retailers and brands.



David Worby  +44 (0)7771 742613
Mark Pinkerton  +44 (0)7946 545432
Mike Williams  +44 (0)7714 431077

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