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1899 Pennsylvania Ave N W, Washington, WA, 20006, United States
+1 202-955-5520
  • Coverage: International
  • Year founded: 1991

About Prognoz

Prognoz delivers advanced analytics and visual discovery solutions for companies looking to improve business performance and drive innovation. From dashboards and reporting to time-series analysis, modeling and forecasting, Prognoz helps top managers, business analysts and other experts tackle big data and harness the information needed to make better decisions, predict future opportunities and take strategic actions.

Founded in 1991, Prognoz now has 1000 employees serving more than 350 public-sector, financial and enterprise customers across a wide array of industries in 70 countries around the globe. To learn more about our business intelligence and business analytics solutions, visit

Prognoz has an impressive reference list. Among others, let us mention the European Union (DG EcFin), IMF, OECD, World Bank, World Wildflife Fund, World Health Organization, State Grid Corporation of China, US Department of Agriculture, Oxford Economics, Rhodia (France), Syngenta, 3M, Gazprom, China Ocean Shipping Company, Abu Dhabi Terminals, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, BAK Basel Economics, Global Insight, Banedanmark, etc.

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