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  • Year founded: 2013

About Post*Shift

Post*Shift is a digital transformation consultancy that helps organisations become 21st Century businesses, by unlocking the organisational innovation that is made possible by social and digital technologies.

For startups, this means scaling with no loss of magic and without creating inefficient corporate hierarchies where they are not needed.

For established companies, this means reduced overheads, increased agility, greater responsiveness to change and learning to operate more like a fast-moving startup.

Post*Shift looks at five key dimensions of the organisational operating system.

What is getting in the way of connected, agile working? How can we create real-time co-ordination & communication structures that are faster and more reliable than hierarchy?

An agile organisation needs more openness, accountability and psychological safety for people to step up and own their work. How can we test for these attributes and what interventions can help?

Shifting from a process view of the world to a service-oriented approach is key to continuous improvement. How can we make operations more collaborative, data-driven and service-focused?

How can we better integrate our workplace technologies to connect, standardise and automate the boring bits, whilst freeing up people to focus on value-added activities?

What does leadership look like in a digital, networked world? How can leaders not just drive incremental improvements, but create the conditions and the platform for exponential success?

Our diagnostic health bot asks questions and gathers data to create a real-time picture of progress towards becoming an agile, adaptive organisation. We use this information to create custom learning journeys and suggest new management techniques to address weaknesses.

We map digital capabilities and talent, identifying gaps that are priorities for action, and help create distributed agile transformation systems to make change routine.

Shared digital leadership and strategy are key to making sure all stakeholders are aligned and helping build the connected capabilities the organisation needs.


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Strategy, Agile, Organisational design, Business Transformation, Collaboration platforms

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