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Coeus Software Ltd, Boho 5 Bridge Street East, Middlesbrough, TS2 1NW, United Kingdom
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  • Year founded: 2007

About PoliceBox

PoliceBox: With police efficiency under more scrutiny than ever before, the pressure on your police force to do more with less is increasing all the time. And with the growing problem of siloed data and difficulty finding information, which is costing them valuable policing time; your frontline officers are struggling to keep pace.

The cloud-based PoliceBox® mobility platform is the ideal solution to help you take back control, in a digitally connected world, where mobility and the ability to access in a single search all the data you need while on patrol is imperative.

From tracking suspects through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or logging details of a traffic offence, to issuing fingerprint consent, on the spot fixed penalty tickets or completing stop & search forms, PoliceBox makes it easy for your officers to view, record and action multiple tasks simultaneously from the palm of their hand.

Policing mobility platforms like this are invaluable in cutting the time it takes to complete operational tasks, reducing inaccuracies and helping to increase the number of incidences an officer can potentially handle during a single shift. This can significantly improve the efficiency, productivity and clear-up rates of front line forces.

Coeus Software

Affordable, cloud mobility solutions that digitise and mobilise business processes, to transform any workplace

Coeus Software is a UK based, digital mobile workforce specialist. Our intelligent commoditised solutions are designed to digitally transform operational processes for mobile workers, affordably using Microsoft Azure.

Through our PoliceBox® and award-winning Quvo® cloud-based workforce mobility platforms, we are driving greater cost savings, efficiencies and productivity for our customers. And we are helping to effect real positive business change for many organisations across the Police and wider Public and Commercial sectors.


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