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San Francisco, California, USA
  • Size: Large
  • Year founded: 2013

About Pivotal

Pivotal Software, Inc., combines platform, tools, and methodology to help the world’s largest companies adapt to change and deliver exceptional user experiences. Our technology is used by millions of developers.

Fortune 500 companies build and run their most important applications on our cloud platform. Launched in 2013, Pivotal unleashes software-developer productivity, and creates an environment for innovation to scale, while fulfilling our mission to transform how the world builds software.

Pivotal investors include Dell, Ford, GE, Microsoft, and VMware.

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Big data, cloud computing, hadoop, analytics, software, open source software, containerization, private cloud, data science, cloud foundry, mobile software development, platform-as-a-service, hybrid cloud, microservices, pair programming, agile development.

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