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Peter Evans

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    About Peter Evans

    Peter Evans is the Managing Partner at the Platform Strategy Institute, a consultancy dedicated management strategy and application of platform business models across a wide range of sectors.

    Peter has over 20 years of experience leading teams in identifying, framing, assessing, and communicating high-priority marketplace trends and disruptions that support business planning and investment prioritization.

    He has specialized in helping companies see around corners, anticipate key market trends and craft seminal thought leadership that framed major multi-year growth initiatives.

    At KPMG, he was a Principle in the Innovation and Enterprise Solution group responsible market and emerging technology sensing, innovation portfolio management and business development.

    To support the firm’s intelligent automation strategy, he led a major study of how the world’s largest enterprises are adopting artificial intelligence.

    Prior to joining KPMG, Dr. Evans was Vice President at the Center for Global Enterprise a nonprofit established by Sam Palmisano, former Chairman and CEO of IBM.

    He was instrumental in framing and delivering on the Center’s research, business education, and global CEO engagements.

    Previously, Dr. Evans held key strategy and market intelligence roles at General Electric. He was the lead author of GE’s seminal white paper ‘Industrial Internet: Pushing the Boundaries of Minds and Machines,” which articulated the macro trends behind GE’s shift to a ‘digital industrial’ enterprise and led to the establishment of Predix.

    He also worked as an independent consultant for a variety of corporate and government clients, including the US Department of Energy, the OECD and the World Bank.

    He received his master’s degree and PhD degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an International Academy of Management Fellow. He is the co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit and the Founder of MusicTech Connect in Atlanta.


    Thought leadership, Platforms Business Models.

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