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About orgvue

When change is the only constant, unpredictability is the only guarantee and not knowing is the new normal, how can you plan with confidence? orgvue has been created to do just that, to help you design a fearless future.

Our platform allows you to craft, test and deploy new organisations. Our analytics allows you see the smallest job detail and how it can ripple across the whole business. Our insight enables you to spot trends, capitalise on opportunities and plan for what’s next. All this so every foot you put forward is placed with total confidence. This is fearless performance design.

Organizational Transformation
In a world where the only constant is change, organizations need to exist in a perpetual state of flux, continually adapting to capitalize on new opportunities and fend off challenges. In this new reality, there’s no place for the large-scale org transformations of yesteryear. Instead, what’s needed is an evolutionary approach to change that’s more discrete and more frequent.

orgvue is here to help you design a fearless future. Plan with confidence by creating a single source of truth on your workforce. Then get ahead by modeling what the future may hold and how your organization will respond. This is how to get a firm handle on tomorrow’s transformations.

Digitalization and the Future of Work
The move from an analog to a digital world requires businesses to reassess and reimagine their workforce. As new technology continues to automate human work, it will become ever more pressing on business leaders to have a sufficient strategy to address this trend.

orgvue lets you reshape your organizations in the face of technological advancement. Only by understanding your workforce, and the work it does, can the impact of automation be modeled. Not all tasks will be affected, nor all roles. Instead, you control precisely how and when the machines take over.

Mergers and acquisitions
The difference between the mergers that deliver their promised value and those that don’t is typically in the workforce integration. It is chaotic, political and, at its worst, unfair. So, how can you realize your vision for the organization in the post-merger reality?

Good practice is to make workforce integration a forethought, not an afterthought. By starting at the beginning and carrying through: from assessing the workforce during due diligence to tracking post-merger synergies. By using orgvue, there’s less jeopardy, more certainty, right when the stakes are highest. That’s how to deliver a magnificent merger.

Workforce optimization and downsizing
Getting the right people in the right place doing the right work is the epitome of efficiency and productivity. However, for big businesses, bloating and disorganization are more likely to be the norm – it’s become an accepted inevitability over time.

Fear not, this can be brought under leadership teams’ control. Workforce optimization needs to be administered surgically and more frequently, so the organization becomes agile, lean and fit for purpose. Downsizing needs to be considered carefully in order to cut cost, not value. This is precision performance design by orgvue – based on data and modeling, so that every decision is made with total confidence.

Organizational growth
Growing businesses can’t afford to be directionless. When headcount is added with impunity to deliver increasing targets and expansion plans, this quickly becomes unsustainable. As mounting SG&A (selling, general and administrative) expenses come under scrutiny, economies of efficiency and workforce optimization are inevitably to be expected.

But here’s the rub. In fast-growing firms, a good handle on the workforce is rarely the norm. Coordinated systems of record are often sacrificed, or simply can’t keep up with the rapid organizational expansion. Enter orgvue.

orgvue unites your data and enables you to fearlessly reshape the organization for growth by revealing the opportunities to rework, redeploy and reinvest talent. Once the direction is decided, it can monitor the transition, so you’re never left not knowing.

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